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Invitation to the annual gathering 2016

The PhD committee is very pleased to invite all the PhD candidates at the Faculty of Psychology to our annual gathering, on the 17.03.16, at Terminus Hotel.

Please sign up by 1st of March using this link:

For questions please contact Kari Hagatun by mail:  / tel: 92499776.


8.45: Coffee and snacks

9.00 – 9.15: Welcome / PhD committee leader Kari Hagatun

9.15 – 10.00: “The final frontier – submitting your thesis and getting ready for defense” / Associate Professor Camilla Løvvik

10.00 – 10.15: Coffee break

10.15 – 11.00: Publishing / Professor Ståle Pallesen.

11.00 -11.10: Coffee break

11.10 – 12.15: Research Schools

After a short introduction by the coordinator for the PhD program, Helen Green, the research schools at the faculty will inform about their work and special areas of interest.

GHIG / Associate Professor Jørn Hetland and Senior Executive Officer Maria Luttges Mathieu

CDP / Higher Executive Officer Jeanette Lidal

IGSIN / Professor Karsten Specht and Higher Executive Officer Vivian Jacobsen Fosse

12.00-12.15: Presentation of the course University Pedagogy for PhD candidates (UPED634) / Professor Åge Diseth

12.15 – 13.15: Lunch

13.15 – 14.00: “Meeting the expectations? The PhD candidates at UiB views of their supervisors” / Associate Professor Jan Fredrik Hovden

14.00 – 14.15: Coffee break

  1. 15 – 15.00: Should I Stay or Should I Go? -Will better guidelines and assessment criteria for article-based dissertation prevent ph.d-student attrition? / Professor Rune Krumsvik


18.30 –>: Social gathering, food included.  The venue will be announced later.


We look forward to a fun day together!

New commitee members in psykSTIP


Leader: Kari Hagatun,

Assistant leader: Elfrid Krossbakken,

Secretary: Elisabeth Årdal,

Members by institute, January 2016:

HEMIL:  Elisabeth Årdal, Vara: Olin Blaalid Oldeide,

ISP:   Elfrid Krossbakken, Vara: Valeria Markova,

IKP: Endre Visted,

IBMP: Erlend Joramo Brevik, Vara: Kjetil Vikene,

IPED: Kari Hagatun, Vara: Kristine Ludvigsen,