The annual PhD gathering: presentations

A total of 43 PhD candidates signed up for our annual seminar at Marg og Bein on March 26th.  Thank you all for participating! We hope you found the program interesting – many have requested that the power point presentations are made available. Enjoy!

Welcome. PhD-committee leader Marte Knag Fylkesnes – link

Supervising students as a PhD-candidate. Professor Arild Raaheim, Department of Education, UiB – link

Writers block? How to address challenges when producing scientific texts. Professor emeritus Olga Dysthe, Department of Education, UiB – link

The use of social media in the dissemination of research (twitter, instagram, facebook etc). Senior Executive Officer Walther Wehus, Communication Division, UiB – link

How can researchers effectively convey scientific knowledge outside the academic community? Senior Executive Officer Tove Kolset, Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) – link

The popular scientific publication – guidelines and examples from PhDs:

Formal guidelines – Helen Green – link

Newspaper article – Mette Senneseth – link

Blog – May Hauken – link


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